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  1. C4 Picasso
  2. C4 Picasso; Grand C4 Picasso
  3. C4 Picasso - What Car? MPV of year
  4. C4 Picasso (5 vs 7 seater) POLL
  5. WhatCar Shootout June 2007 featuring...C4P
  6. Launching tomorrow!
  7. 2007 AutoExpress Best MPV
  8. any new owner feedback on the Picasso
  9. C4P - How's the FC?
  10. just got my c4p
  11. C4 Picasso
  12. Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive
  13. FC as of first 1000km for c4p
  14. Any feedback on the C4P EGS?
  15. C4P Auto or exclusive
  16. How much for a GC4P EGS?
  17. "special gear box oil"
  18. C4 Picasso (sans 'Grand') coming this month :-)
  19. location of the air con filter.
  20. More feedback from C4GP owners?
  21. WhatCar UK 2008 car of the year (MPV) : Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
  22. electrical hiccups in c4gp
  23. New 5 seater Picasso
  24. Promoted to Ah-Pek Dom..
  25. any experience anybody?
  26. anyone selling their Picasso EGS?
  27. C4 Picasso vs Renault Grand Scenic
  28. What Price for C4 Grand Piscasso?
  29. C4 Picasso Test Drive Event @ LengKee
  30. Mistakes/Misrepresentation!!
  31. C4 Grand Picasso EGS
  32. LCD TV
  33. Protective rear covers for c4gp
  34. Windscreen Double Vision on C4GP Visiospace VTR+ Citroen accept the issue!!
  35. Broquet for C4GP
  36. Soon-to-be proud new owner of C4 Grand Picasso
  37. to change or not to change?
  38. touching up spots.
  39. Spark plugs for c4gp.
  41. 20k servicing cost.
  42. air con filter cost
  43. c4gp wipers
  44. Just made a booking for the C4P
  45. any "adventurous" c4 picasso modders?
  46. C&C sales person to recommend?
  47. C4P Black - Collecting 5pm today
  48. 2nd hand C4 Pic from C&C
  49. picasso must be a very desirable car
  50. Minature C4 Picasso
  51. C4GP - Looking Forward to Better Future
  52. meaning of word "MS"
  53. Collection of C4P
  54. Qns from a new C4 GP Owner - Flexer
  55. C4GP Sterering
  56. ICE in C4GP
  57. Exclusive without "Exclusive" tag
  58. New To C4GP
  59. C4GP Problems
  60. New member - C4GP
  62. MOVED: Wifey fell in love with Le Grand Picasso - anyone letting go?
  63. How reliable is the C4GP egs?
  64. Questions on Fuel Consumption/Maintainence
  65. C4GP Fuel consumption.
  66. Where to get C4P "roof bar"
  67. C4 Picasso Window Visor
  68. C4P Seat Belt Warning
  69. is it worth to buy grand c4 now?
  70. is grand c4 too many electric component compare similar mpv around?
  71. Question on C4 Picasso Parking Break.
  72. Worth buying this 2nd hand C4GP?
  73. 3M or something similar
  74. Grand C4 Picasso Drivers' List
  75. Grand C4P Lcd for the small light
  76. Air Con
  77. Fuel Magnet
  78. BBK for C4GP Exclusive?
  79. C4 Picasso manual
  80. Clueless about tyres
  81. COE Bidding
  82. 3A can drive EGS manual?
  83. Integrated GPS in C4 Picasso 5 seater exclusive
  84. Hello from Newbie
  85. off peak Grand C4 Picasso in accident :-(
  86. Is C4 brake over power???
  87. Noisy wiper & windscreen qn
  88. "EGS" vs "THP Auto" vs "Exclusive THP Auto"
  89. why C4 not so sellable compare to Japanese?
  90. Strut Bar for C4GP
  91. Greeting from a soon to be GC4P owner
  92. Solar tint on C4GP?
  93. Citroen C4 Grand Piscasso Exclusive Out of Production in 2010?
  94. Alarm for finding car
  95. Sport Mode for EGS
  96. Rear mirror tilts when in reserve gear
  97. USB box / iPod connector
  98. Front sensors
  99. Immobilizer or alarm
  100. why did u buy a EGS and not auto (or vice versa)
  101. Saw 2 Grand Picasso today
  102. Price drop For CPG4 from 96k to 80k
  103. Freebies Given...
  104. Production MY2010
  105. Security Pack for GC4P Exclusive
  106. Luggage retention net for GC4P Exclusive
  107. Lumbar adjustment on driverís seat
  108. V-kool at Sin Ming road doing up 4 GC4P!
  109. Trip to KL on my new C4GP
  110. Upgrading from 16inch to 17inch
  111. Hello from a new owner of Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive
  112. Petrol Grade
  113. Two 09 C4 on sell
  114. reseved camera
  115. Paint job for c4gp
  116. Luxe Care Plus package
  117. Item remove and changes for EGS MY10
  118. Hi!
  119. Does the C4GP come with a factory fitted turbo timer?
  120. Rims for C4 Piscasso
  121. Anyone's shipment coming in in 3rd wk Jan 2010?
  122. Query on C4GP
  123. Lost a fog light cover
  124. Turbo engine
  125. After-Market Air Filter and Voltage Stabiliser
  126. Engine Surging Sensation during Stationary
  127. Awaiting delivery of GC4P
  128. Interest in C4GP....Need some info before taking the plunge :)
  129. Some New Info on EGS Variant
  130. Query on Passenger, Third Row & Rear Glass on C4GP
  131. Luck
  132. Retractable side mirror
  133. Difference between the C4GP Exclusive Models released in Sept 09 & Current Release?
  134. Giving away Air Freshener Stick for C4GP
  135. Fuel Consumption
  136. Updates on Exclusive Variant
  137. Unable to Engage "M" mode using the gearshift
  138. New Turbo Engine on the C4GP
  139. Request: C4GP/C4P owners
  140. Rear chrome strips
  141. C4P side mirror
  142. Citroen accessories shop
  143. Advice on Solar Film Application Needed
  144. Prolonging of "Rest" Feature (aka A/C Blower)
  145. Finally...... Taking the Plunge tomorrow.....
  146. Tyre Pressure for GP
  147. Taming the Auto Rain Sensing Wiper
  148. Polishing or Paint Treatment Info....
  149. C4GP Exclusive Model info......
  150. Do they offer 3yrs/100,000 warranty?
  151. Scare of the day...for me
  152. Accessory suggestion
  153. C4GP wheel alignment issue
  154. One reason not to own C4GP
  155. Horn of C4GP
  156. Gear doesnt auto down shift when stop
  157. is the front fender plastic?
  158. Using Steering wheel function to dial number.
  159. Install Z-stab ??
  160. Moldy Smell from Air-Con
  161. JDM look (dark rear windows) for C4GP?
  162. 3M floor mat
  163. ASR/ESR Faulty + Parking Brake Faulty Message
  164. C4GP Sightings
  165. My New C4GP
  166. Add one more screen
  167. 3rd row aircon
  168. Travel up north
  169. White C4 G. Picasso doing tinting at V Kool Sin Ming
  170. GP Window Visor
  171. C4GP: Servicing Schedule & Items
  172. c4GP 1.6THP remap
  173. Piccaso finally gave me a HOT ride
  174. Wish list for the new C4GP
  175. GC4P HU Trouble
  176. Unable to start the car.
  177. Nice to be stuck in 2nd gear!
  178. Recommendation for DVD + 2 x LCD monitors (headrest mounted) for C4GP Exclusive
  179. Lemon C4 Picasso
  180. Sensors on C4GP
  181. how to check on the aircon filiter
  182. Problem refueling the C4GP
  183. Servicing records
  184. Guidance needed on accessing files on IPhone/IPOD
  185. Considering 2nd hand C4GP
  186. Is Stock Tyre Michelin Primacy HP 215/55R16 Available in SG?
  187. Luggage Blind
  188. GP 3rd row mats
  189. Gap on Driver's Door Handle (C4GP)
  190. Weird Bluetooth Problem - Keep ringing
  191. How to remove phone connection display
  192. LED brake lights and reverse lights
  193. C4GP - Ride Shudder during drive
  194. C4P Turbo problem
  195. no need for 1k or 5k servicing
  196. Anyone collecting their ride next week?
  197. C4GP ODO Reading
  198. Crack appeared at the back of driver seat
  199. Should I buy GP now?
  200. C4gp interior
  201. No sound from speaker
  202. what is that Zzzziiiii sound ?
  203. Jerky 1st gear to 2nd gear change complete with "TUT/TAT" sound and floating feeling
  204. ok i tink i'm weird
  205. Different Model of C4GP 2.0L
  206. eeeeee sound!
  207. C4GP Gear Shift Query
  208. Facelifted C4 Picasso official pics!
  209. c4GP price without COE
  210. tyre pressure
  211. car stalled at traffic light
  212. Thule Bike Rack for C4GP???
  213. C4GP ... seeking advice on buying a used car
  214. cool bonnet^literally
  215. Installer for GPS
  216. Car suddenly stalled when stationary
  217. Workshop to recommend
  218. C4GP 2.0BVA Rear Mirror
  219. Anyone gone up North? Pls share yr experience
  220. C4GP seat belt indicator
  221. replacement windscreen wipers.
  222. Recommendations for Mobile Polishing
  223. where to install mud flap?
  224. Bluetooth Pairing
  225. FS: C4GP Fragrance Sticks
  226. Dashboard warning: Current coolant level too low
  227. C4GP..... with Immobilizer?
  228. Pls help...
  229. Fenders made of plastic?
  230. Audio Questions
  231. More fragrance sticks anyone?
  232. Where get 12v car charger for GPS unit?
  233. Audio Shop
  234. What I hate most about the C4GP...
  235. Anybody selling Blue picasso?
  236. Busted!
  237. Remote Control for Boot
  238. Cost of brake pads from C&C/stockist
  239. Stainless steel brake hoses
  240. Tips for grand picasso
  241. Need Advise
  242. C4 Grand Piccasso space tyre/wheel
  243. Solar film
  244. Is now a good time to buy a C4 Picasso?
  245. Rear Aircon
  246. Side mirrors
  247. climate control aircon
  248. Central Locking System for C4GP
  249. 3A or 3M car mat?
  250. Deadlock function