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Default Citroen C3 head gasket leak

hi i recently bought a Citroen c3 petrol automatic , mileage 71000, has been running fine for 2 months , recently noticed oil drops when parked took to garage , they have reported a head gasket issue and quoted 450 pounds , 2 questions - am i ok to run the car with topping up the oil 2. is the head gasket costing correct? , the vehicle is ok to drive and not having any issues ( apparently i had bought the vehicle for only 1200 pounds and not willing to spend so much again on it )

Some people suggest that it can run like this for quiote long as long as the engine oil is kept topped up, some are suggesting to go for some sealent fluid to be added in the coolant system that might seal it off and applying an external sealent on the leak area , some are suggested to get a new engine with low mileage instaed and replace ninsted which shoudl cost around 300 pounds

Any views and suggestions?
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