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No, its a 5 seater with large booth and special compartment if you need to carry alot stuff, sometimes. 18" rims and smart key is an attraction.
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Default AF Warranty Claim ?

Been driving a Pug for ages and so far AF warranty claim has been striaght forward. Not much hassle. Electronics r ok .... almost all components have been used in other models before. Had the 508 for 7 months now, nothing to complain about.
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Old 19-03-2012, 10:00 PM   #23
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Saw in new grey 508 in my carpark... Liked the looks of it. Looks better in metal than in photos..... Hmmmm..... Tempted.......
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I also noticed there are more and more Fiat Bravo on the road recently. And most of them were white in color.
I wonder is it really a nice car to drive?

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If not because of the trade in price by Rxxxxxxc Axxo, I would have got the C5. The offer is so much lower, almost 10K !!! My SE told me we can only trade in to RxxAxx when buying from C&C. Sigh ...
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hello kcky72,

i may be wrong but i don't think there is such a lock-in.

it's too late by now, but in future, please do feel free to post your queries here :-)
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Hi kcky72,

Yes, I think you are right to say if you trade-in your car with CnC, you are dealing with Republic Auto, but you can always sell to outside dealer if you manage to get a higher price.

For my case, the trade-in price is a bit lower, but they give a trade-in discount, hence, no much difference compare with other dealers.
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Old 22-05-2012, 10:34 AM   #28
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I agreed...the trade in price might be slightly lower but they are giving good discount or some call it over-trade for the new car. For my case, after some bargaining, my trade in price plus the discount given to me is a few k more than the outside dealers quote.

So, it's really is depending on how you look at it...
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