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Default pug 307

Hi pugrians,

Im new in terms of driving a conti car. I have a few questions in hand. Please advise and feel free to comment.

1. Why are there knocking sounds when i'm driving over bumpy roads/humps but when it comes to cruising, i don't heard the knocking sounds anymore even when i go over stripes?

2. Do any of you do any kind of modifications to the car? open pod, volt stabilizer, boost control, exhaust etc etc?

Thank you!

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hello Melvin,

a warm welcome to our community, and thank you for posting :-)

the 307 is mechanically similar to both the Xsara and the C4 (CitroŽn models), so you can also post your question in the 'C4' section of this forum.

just add a sentence in your post to introduce yourself to say that you're trying to tap the experience of the C4 owners, since the cars are mechanically similar.

the knocking sounds over bumps might tend to indicate worn steering rods and bushes (the front axle and steering assembly).

the previous owner may have frequently turned the steering to maximum lock while holding the car stationary on the brakes, thus applying stress to the steering connections and rods (that is just my personal hypothesis).

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hey Ken,

Thanks for the reply! I've actually changed the steering rod and bushes alr, however there are still knocking noises. stress.. it's kinda irritating too.
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