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SuziMac 07-03-2021 06:36 PM

Prospective New C4 Used Buyer
Not sure if Voyager. Furry or anyone still checks this forum, have read at length trying to ascertain the best engine model to purchase a C4HB 2008 onwards (by only a few years). It is the only option in Australia.
I have learned the Prince Motors are problematic, as too anything Diesel (prior to this forum was sold on the 2.0 HDi).
With 10 years hindsight, which engine would you best recommend please and what you would advise most importantly to check upon buying?
To be honest this forum has me seriously doubting my vehicle choice although I did enjoy your initial enthusiasm.
What would you recommend in the 2008 age bracket that has the same qualities as the C4 at the time please?

markfer1 14-04-2021 12:11 AM


Most of the folks here are from Singapore. Due to tax policy, very few of us keep our car beyond 10 years unlike many other countries which 10 years old car still consider reasonable new.

Many of us have move on to other brand and model, in the recent few years, Citroen have very few popular model launch here in Singapore.

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voyager 14-04-2021 07:11 PM

hello SuziMac,

i apologise for having missed your month-old post.

i check for new posts daily, but i missed yours.

i am sorry.

much of the discussion over the past few years has been transposed to WhatsApp and to the local Facebook owners' group. i do not think either will have expertise to help you with your query, but for the latter, it's named 'Citroen DS Automobiles Singapore Community'.

i apologise again.

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