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ridros99 13-06-2021 07:51 AM

Got a used C4 Cactus.
Hi All, just got myself a used C4 cactus.. Just love the Unique & Quirkiness :love: of the Exterior & inside’s ‘lounge’ look.. engine’s not too bad, for a daily to the office & back..
Any pointers from the peeps whom driven a C4 cactus prior.?

voyager 13-06-2021 07:04 PM

hello and welcome, ridros99 :-)

did you get a non-turbo, or a turbo?

mine was a non-turbo.

i found the front-rear balance excellent, since the front was relatively not heavily weighted. this meant that there is minimal understeer and i could take corners at higher speeds than in Citroëns that cost (a lot) more money :-)

the non-turbo does not have a great deal of torque, so if you are pulling away from a standing start uphill, you need to be prepared for that.

generally i found the Cactus feeling very indestructible.

i was able to throw it in to roads with gusto knowing that it would take the road conditions.

so the robustness not only comes from the presence of the Airbumps, but also the general demeanour of the car.


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