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Pirate-Prof 19-08-2020 12:42 PM

My C4 Picasso Diesel
Hi Everyone, I just picked up a 2015 C4 Picasso (registered early 2016). This one has 26k KM since it was an off-peak car (now full-time black plate). I am totally new to this car, kinda jumped on it because low mileage and diesel. Anythings I should consider checking/updating? Right now, the service light is on - seemingly because of time. The next service is at 30+ KM and it has 26km on the clock. But, the next service date was July and we are in August. Any recommendations? I think it still has warranty for another 6 months with C&C (maybe free servicing?).

Anyway, seems like a nice car for our needs, hoping it is a good one!

Cheers, PP

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