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Originally Posted by Gccp View Post
Voyager, I can see that your postings are always informative and helpful, especially to newbies. Thanks loads.

I read from UK sites that Citroen as a whole they are trying to build their image and reliability, and DS series is one of their better offerings to change that image. So far there hasn't been many in the market yet to get a feel. I guess I have to go in with open eyes.

The unit in SGcarmart is a petrol, which I prefer to diesel. I reckon I only save less than 1k per year with diesel, which isn't much for lower performance.

Thanks for your comments!!

If the dealer is willing to let you do a short test drive. Please do it. The rear windscreen is awkwardly small that need some getting use too. The button layout in the cockpit is very pretty, however even for someone who drive ang mo car will also need to take time to relearn too.

Happy motoring.

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