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Originally Posted by Taihighland View Post
Thank you iamveryfurry and markfer1 for your inputs and perspective about the DS5.

All the three workshops I had visited before but only experience with Thomas and Micheal.

It is a direct seller sales.

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Direct seller mean no lemon law protection. I believe you are aware of this.

In this case, make sure he/she share the saving he got with you ya. Otherwise not so fair for you. Our brand of car have very poor resale value, most likely dealer will offer him/her just a few k above his current paper value. I will not be surprise some risk adverse car dealer will even refuse to give him a quotation or simply just offer him paper value.

You should ask yourself whether you want to drive this car for the remaining years. Otherwise, your backside will likely tear just a bit smaller then his now.

Happy motoring.

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