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Default 'wobbly' car

Hi bro, since day 1, my family had been complainin that the car tend to be quite wobbly at the middle and back row, they said it felt like sitting on a boat.. but I did went to CnC and get my suspension check, all is ok.. so I had tryin with diffrent tyre pressure, from Front 250pa rear 250pa, then 280pa 280pa, 300pa 300pa, and now 320pa 340pa. currently i felt that 320 340 is quite good as the vehicle go more smoothly when fully loaded with my 6 big sized family member, but its quite difficult to brake, so will be goin back to 300pa 300pa. any bro can advice can anything be done to this 'wobbly' effect? is it just my car, or same goes for everyone here? or simply just bcos my family member still not use to it, despite my 1yr of ownership...
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