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hello Searchsoul,

the car should be absolutely stable at speed.

as for the signal lever, the four years that i had my last C5, i had no problem with it and i haven't read here that there has been a problem with other units (from members here in the forum)

in multi-storey carparks, what we do is we initiate gear shifts manually, to hold the car in first gear. this will prevent the hunting between second and first which you experienced. either paddle down manually all the way to first gear, or, put the gear selector in to M (and make sure it's in M1 by paddling down).

the sluggishness from standing start is a combination of the car's weight and the inherent behaviour of the single-clutch semi-auto, and the inherent laziness of a diesel to rev. basically, the car needs to engage the clutch before moving off (just like a manual car).

that's why i talked about performance in my earlier post.

my intention was not to talk about performance for the sake of performance itself, but to help you understand the whole design paradigm of a sizeable European car is very, very different from that of a Japanese car.

the design paradigms are almost diametrically different (they are opposite).

what appeals to European drivers in a car's characteristics is almost opposite to what appeals to Japanese drivers (in a car's characteristics), partially due to the different geographies of Europe compared to Japan.
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