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Default Frankfurt 2009: Citroen C3

The new-generation C3 has also been launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, alongside the DS3 and Revolte.

The new C3, developed from the Peugeot 207's underpinnings and sharing its platform with the C3 Picasso mini-MPV already on sale, is a family-sized five-door with a roomy interior, 300-litre boot and massive windscreen, giving a light and airy cabin.

It's larger than the outgoing model at 3.94m long, but lighter, and Citroen promises better soundproofing and ride refinement.

Engines for the range include the familiar 1.4 HDI and 1.6 HDI diesels, plus a 90bhp version of the 1.4 HDI which emits just 99g/km of carbon dioxide. Models with a stop-start system will follow at a later date.

Citroen has also announced updates to its C-Crosser SUV, which gets the option of a six-speed dual-clutch auto gearbox in combination with the 156bhp 2.2 HDI diesel engine, improved interior trim, and modifications to the diesel engine to bring lower carbon dioxide emissions of 185g/km and improved fuel economy. The C5 and C6 can now be ordered with Peugeot-Citroen's new 240bhp 3.0 HDI V6 diesel engine, which replaces the previous 2.7 HDI V6.

There's no more news about the GTbyCitroen supercar, however; Citroen says only that it is still 'currently studying the possibility of a limited production run'.
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