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Wink Greetings

Hi, I bought my C4GP new in 2014 and waited 3 months likely more for it to get approved by LTA, I remember that saga well. I did not ever once call C&C or my SE to ask "When"

anyway, I just traded it in last weekend on impulse for a new ride and thought I'd share my C4GP ownership experiences.

Perhaps in contrast to the majority who don't like the AD, I never had any issues with them. They were always professional, and courteous. Maybe the technicians could do a better job sometimes but largely did well.

I never had a chance to visit Thomas or Antz as my C4GP was totally covered under the service package, I've not paid many cents out of my own pocket for servicing, even for w&t items. I was lucky to have received a 2 or 3k service credit from c&c which I used towards a new service package when the 3 years free servicing ended. it is now still covered under a new package (which unfortunately is not transferrable to the new owner).

However that did not mean that no work was done on the c4gp. The following are what I remember off hand, not in chronological order:

The major items were...
1. rear suspension knocking for years, multiple service intervals => finally resolved - sort of - as part of a recall
2. both front door handle sensors went kaput early, independently, replaced under warranty
3. belt pre-tensioner - this was a recall item later
4. spoiler wing cracked - this was also a recall item - the entire tailgate was replaced - go figure.
5. 70k servicing replaced some timing belt and fuel pump thingy because "it was about time" according to the SA. paid a few dollars to top up difference using the service credits for this and the new service package.
6. I forget everything else... minor issues.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the car for what it was, an MPV, despite the random rattles (which drove my missus mad). The chief bugbear was/is the wobble. It was partially ameliorated by inflating front to 280 & rear to 300. I prefer it stiff

The historical average fuel consumption is 16+km per litre, the trip computer is quite accurate, which I have compared against manually calculated value odo/pumped.

I'm sold on diesel, my next ride is still a diesel that has a manufacturer's economy claim slightly better than the C4GP. I'll be paying 20% less monthly installments at a lower interest rate 2.28% to boot, with money back in my pocket from the trade-in. Food for your thought if you bought high like me.

I have the following for sale:

1. Tonneau Cover (in the storeroom its whole life) $100
2. AP30/32U Bosch Aero Twin BNIB $70 ==> $60 just saw autobacs selling new ones at 35each. I bought mine from stamford 40 each.
3. Philips Racing Vision H7 BNIB (ECE homologated) $50 tbc
4. 10k km GOODYEAR EFFICIENTGRIP PERFORMANCE 215/55/16" $600, your costs, + swap;

Only item 4 has a timeline. if things go as promised I'll be trading in the vehicle this Fri 27 APR.

PM me if you are interested. Thanks for viewing.
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