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hello Gccp,

are you looking at the one that is currently listed at sgcarmart?

it's hard to say with certainty, of course, but the photographs do suggest that it is a stock car (unmodified).

the trim level also suggests that it is a car originally from CnC (there were a few lower-spec models brought in by parallel importers last time).

my own car has not been problematic - i do know that the factory in which these cars were built was upgraded in terms of its quality control processes, before the DS 5 production started (it was upgraded specifically for the DS 5).

so the quality of the fit and finish should be fine. electronics are of course harder to predict, but so far mine has been fine.

to answer your question specifically, i would say that you do not need to be worried, but you do need to go in with your expectations accurately calibrated.

meaning that the very first time we switch from a Japanese make to a European make (any European make), there will be a cultural difference (this happens to almost all of us). the parts availability may be longer, and the cost of the parts may not be comparable (shipping etc). i also switched from Honda (but to Volvo, before CitroŽn). my dad switched from Honda to Merc (before CitroŽn). having experienced both, and having not wanted to touch BMWs or Audis, my family is very happy with my present car.
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