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Default Re: Citroen C6 Arrival Date ?

really appreciate this, jude :-)

if i might just add:

let's take an OMV of $80000.

well, the Mercedes CLS350 has an OMV of $78000 and it costs $290000.

umm.... much as i love the C6 i would not and cannot afford to pay this much for it.

to take another example (to circumvent the excuse of Cycle & Carriage mark-up), the Volkswagen Phaeton has an OMV of $63000 and is sold for $240000.

so no matter which way one cuts it, the C6 (assuming OMV of $80000) will cost significantly more than $250000.

i think like that very few people, even us fanatics, would buy a C6. (and don't even think about conquest sales from other marques at that price)

(and i know CitroŽn has gone on record as saying they are not after volume sales with the C6)

i think the Phaeton is a good exemplar. it's not got a prestige badge, neither do we. so just look at how many Phaetons one sees on our roads. and that is factoring in the Phaeton's superior build quality compared to the C6 (i know, because i've fiddled with the C6 at Geneva 2005, 2006 and Frankfurt 2005).

the other thing about the Phaeton, is that the step-up to its price is scaffolded by cars such as the Jetta (at just under $100000), Passat, Passat Turbo, and Touareg.

this is not the case for CitroŽn in Singapore, where there will be a giant gap between the C5 2.0 at just under $100000, to the C6 3.0 at > $250000.

further, when the facelifted C5 was first introduced here, i remember its price was $125000. that price has fallen and fallen, faster than the falls in COE. yet the car, as we all sadly know, remains an extremely rare sight on our roads - much more rare than the pre-facelift C5.

erm... i'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble here - far be it, because i really am a fan of CitroŽn in general, and the C6 in particular.

i just hope that the C6 can be made more affordable in Singapore.

i think all of us here would love to see a return to the glory days of the Large CitroŽn in Singapore :-)
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