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The THP is a hot engine compared to the 2L. Oil leaks, oil evaporation are known issues. Many of the 1.6L in the resale market would have the same required fixes as your 2L. Such as suspension, and compressor. If you had maintained it well, and changed the oil for the 4 speed gearbox regularly, why not consider changing the shocks and compressor like what some of us have done. The scrap value is painful to lose but this car is worth it if well maintained
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hi Guys,
my 2009 2.0 C5 is due to retire. It isn't worth it to renew the COE as i'll need to replace a few rather expensive items, like suspension + mountings + compressor etc.
I am thinking of getting the newer 1.6 THP C5 Exclusive. Besides a smaller engine with higher BHP, what are the noticeable differences? I am also keen to know from your experiences if the heat dissipation in the engine bay is good enough for the turbocharged 1.6, thus reducing the likelihood of plastic/rubber parts degenerating ..
Thanks guys!
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