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Mine same year as you but less mileage. But Micheal has noticed some slow oil leaks and dried coolant marks around the thermostat. I think my car will be changing exactly the same parts as you. I changed compressor and condenser last month for $1100. Now super cold again. To me, it's worth the maintenance la. C5 is a nice car.
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Well, My 1.6THP C5 is 6yo with 150k km mileage. Replaced quite a number of items in the last 20k. Replaced all the three engine mounting, valve stem seals, valve cover, gearbox flywheel and torque converter seals, oil pan seal, radiator, drive differential seals, timing chain, turbo oil line and thermostats. Well, it's an BMW engine so I will try to avoid any BMW engine in the future...

Not sure what will the car surprise me next. But after ratifying all the above issues, the car is a enjoy to drive again. So quiet and smooth.
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