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Originally Posted by Sahid View Post
If any of you guys encounter problems with your new C5 Aircross.
Mine collected the new car 14082020.
In and out from c&c workshop few times due to
1)Hissing and grabby brakes - change brake pad by c&c but still.hissing sounds still persist...was ask to drove the the test drive car also got this exact sound.
2)Aircon when off will.have this kind of creak sound and when on the circulation button this flap sound - c&c try to minimize the sound as it also and was ask to listen to the test drive car and it is similar and c&c cant do much.
3)Empty bottle and tak tak sound when driving thru hump and turning- c&c change front shock absorbers and the problem still persist after i cars from.the workshop for a few days.
4)Creaking sound from.aircon when driving for more than.20.minutes - c&c could.not found any issues and i ask me to monitor..lolz
Did any.owners encounter this issues?
Any.members can advise?
Thank you

1) it will go off after about 3k km. New brakes tend to be like that. Give it time to bed in.

4) the creaking sound may be from the loose IU reader. I also thought it was from the aircon.

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