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Default Re: My107 with BMC Air Filter and Custom Engine Cover

Originally Posted by BlackViper76
Originally Posted by twinx72
It is an air works well in small cap far, can feel the differences with this mod....darren, want to try?
I had been thinking of this since i get the car liao.. but i was wondering how well it goes when the car goes to high end...

I had some discussion with my friends and saying that if it goes to high speed the air charger is more hinder than help le.. (Correct me if i am wrong)..

Found a place in here to install a super charger and oversea had push the C1 to 100 bhp..
Power.... (Too bad here cannot do le..)
It is true when you are driving the bigger CC cars. I had tried it on my Civic b4. It was really bad....the car is dying for air as the air-charger is blocking the air from coming in. But for the 107, so far, I cannot really feel the diff as much as the civic, but for the low end, it really helps a fair bit. Also this is still a legal mod in Singapore, so won't get into trouble with the law(TP)
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