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Originally Posted by Tokkiat View Post
Hi All,

Anyone have the aircon issues and how it is fixed? Please also share the workshop. Appreciated
i just got my c1 compressor change. Is it sudden not cool? like only fan and no cold air?

This problem first surface in may and i went to my workshop and they help to change a coil. They told me that the coil is not connecting to the compressor as it's magnetism wasn't there.

Last month, my car breakdown on the expressway after smelling something burning. at first the air con went off than it start to have burning smell. than smoke was coming out from the compressor and i can't start it again. towed to my workshop and they change the compressor. As c1 is damn unique they need to get from the agent. My total damage was $1700. Just hope its not ur compressor problem.
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