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Default Re: Thinking of getting the C4 THP

hi keecow :-)

welcome to our community :-)

thank you very much for contributing on this popular topic - i was also wondering whether it was the tyres on the black test-car that were contributing to the general impression of noise. not having had the benefit which you've had of testing the THP as well, i couldn't say for sure. the black test-car certainly seemed less refined than what i had been expecting.
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Default Re: Thinking of getting the C4 THP

Originally Posted by Furry
Originally Posted by Adam
Sorry Furry I have to correct you on this. Its not "entire part".Its few components only.If you dont believe read around and ask around the french car forums.
technical diagrams dont lie
components and parts mean the same thing
dont confuse others

Have you seen the technical diagrams?? Suprising..Plus entire part means the whole thing and components means certain part of it.I am not saying no changes I am saying that its few items only not the whole entire system.

I am not confusing anyone I believe..

Kindly refrain from removing post. Its rude and tempering with people's say.

Thank you

Hv fun drive the double chevron!!
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Default Re: Thinking of getting the C4 THP

What tires does the C4THP comes with? It is 205/50 R17 whereas 308THP is 225/45 R17...

And why in the official technical specs, the C4THP accelerates slower than the 308THP 9.7s Vs 9.2s (correct me if i am wrong) when the C4 is actually lighter?

Anyway, i tried the C4 long ago, but ended up with a 308THP. Doris was very nice, asked me to speed over the humps on the test route, haha... C4 definitely more cushy, but 308 is wider, more airy and spacious (rear air con + more leg and head room for rear passengers) and has a heavier steering probably due to bigger tires. Can't comment about the handling coz i didn't push the car to the limits. But the best bits abt the C4 i feel is that there are so many toys! Cruise control, speed limiter, 6 air bags... only 308 owners can dream abt. And the centre display really nice and cool looking. If C&C did bring in the 3-dr THP, i would have gotten it over 308THP because i prefer 2 doors less. ;D But the face-lifted model itself too such a long time to come, and i just couldn't wait. >
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Default Re: Thinking of getting the C4 THP

C4 turbo version use 205/50/R17 tyre.
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