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i sold my GP in 2012. switched to a merc. But i still miss my GP. still see my GP pottering along Thomson road once in a while and the owners seem fairly happy.

CnC has been forthcoming in servicing. Although it was not as good as Nissan ( iknow the whole SA team) it's not too shabby. Never regretted having one, still considering to switch back to Citroen.
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Originally Posted by Pinkpan View Post
Sorry to intercept the thread. I know this is subjective, but how does the vkool fares compared to 3M or rikecool? Seriously, I think the rikecool sucks, but maybe becoz the package thrown in is not good, or our c4gp windscreen really too big. Sometime I tot should have ask the SE for rebate and do the film outside. Is vkool or 3M worth the money?
I never took up the solar film freebie and ask for something else in my past 3 cars, including the current one. I perceived the film offered was not of a good grade. I used 3M and Huper Optik before and I was contemplating V-Kool for my current car. I would like to give it a try since it is one of the premium choices but changed my mind when they advised that a rectangular box will be cut out for the IU reader and if my GPS signal is affected, they may need to cut a hole near the sensor.

If you asked me to compare 3M vs Huper Optik, I can't really say without empirical evidence which is better. Perhaps the difference is so minor. Anyway, I amortise the cost of the film over 3 years and then each month, it becomes a palatable $30 each month. (a self-convincing thought.Lolz).

Go with you what you are willing and able to part with and enjoy the benefit
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hi sunnytan31 :-)

here is what the rear lights look like at night :-)
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