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Default 'Car UK' long-term test of C6 (final report)

from the January issue of 'Car' UK (which also has a feature on the C-Crosser and the C4 coupť WRC)

text by Tim Pollard; (article has been edited to reflect Singapore-specification)


Life's changed since the C6 departed these shores. Blood pressures have risen a notch or two, tempers frayed more frequently. The big, quirky CitroŽn was a dose of Prozac on wheels, a soothing, calming balm best applied on long journeys as tempers flare around you on Britain's bustling road network. Even the most acerbic of 'Car''s writers were charmed by its relaxing aura. In that sense, it shared more than just its exclusivity with the most relaxing car on sale, Rolls-Royce's Phantom.

The moment you first clap eyes on its idiosyncratic design - all long snouts and curious curves - you understand the C6 does things differently. From its horseshoe-shaped rear window to the futuristic electronic dashboard, the big CitroŽn doesn't follow the norm. It's a latterday DS. The original quirk-setter Andrť CitroŽn would have been proud.

But you have to drive the C6 to understand its pampering powers. This car wafts with the best of them. Jump in for the first time and you might reach for the sea-sickness pills, but you'll quickly relax into its laid-back milieu. Double glazing smothers road noise, the steering is light and the leggy auto-box makes this a point-squirt-lazily-steer device.

The ride isn't perfect, but it provides a Gallic lolloping softness. Leave it in comfort mode to soak up most road acne, but brace yourself when you corner this 1.8 tonne leviathan. Roll angles can be astonishing, but you learn to adapt a gentler, flowing pace. Where you'd brake hard in a BMW, you ease off and cruise in a C6.

Not everything reduces your stress levels, however. Tardy step-off on the six-speed auto is downright scary at junctions and the messy multi-butttoned centre console plumbs new depths of user-unfriendliness. Would we change anything else? We wouldn't bother with the sunroof. Our 2.7 HDI was blissfully refined and quick. The 30000 km service was completed efficiently.
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