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Default Citroën at the Paris Motor Show 2006

The Paris Motor Show is a perfect opportunity for the Marque to demonstrate the ongoing vitality that drives its strategy, its innovative talent, and its commitment to environmental issues.
  • World sales in first-half 2006 up 5%

The figures reflect the brand’s vitality. Citroën sold 763,000 new vehicles worldwide in first-half 2006, up 5% year on year. On a tough European market, Citroën took 6.6% market share, while vehicle sales outside Western Europe jumped by 19.2%. Citroën has achieved these results on the strength of its highly diversified car and LCV ranges. The Marque’s policy for a number of years has been to propose several high-personality vehicles in each segment.
  • C4 Picasso: Citroën launches the world’s first “Visiospace”

Based on the premise that MPV customers, just like saloon car customers, have a range of expectations, Citroën is creating a range of MPVs as broad as that of its “traditional” vehicles.

It is in this spirit that the Marque is launching the C4 Picasso, a vehicle that can seat up to seven passengers. Positioned between the Xsara Picasso and the C8, the vehicle gains all the advantages of its forerunners, including on-board spaciousness and comfort for all occupants in all rows. With a super wide angle windscreen and large glass surfaces on its sides, the C4 Picasso has an extraordinarily vast glazed area. And the slimline design of the windscreen pillars gives drivers a remarkably wide field of vision. The brightness and visibility that the C4 Picasso bring to drivers and passengers alike are the essential hallmarks of this vehicle.

The C4 Picasso is an extremely versatile vehicle that is quick and easy to reconfigure, with exceptional levels of onboard space. It also boasts all the comfort, safety and driving assistance features of a saloon. The C4 Picasso, the world’s first “Visiospace”, quite simply renews the pleasure of driving and travelling in an MPV, and takes the segment into a new era.
  • New engine for the C6

The C6 has gained a new 173 bhp engine (125 kW or 170 bhp EEC), fitted with a particulate filter (DPFS) and mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. With its innovative parallel sequential dual turbo and a new system of combustion and injection, this engine offers high levels of driving pleasure, particularly at low speeds. Euro 4-compliant and equipped with a DPFS, it has an impressive environmental rating, and features low fuel consumption. This range extension should widen the C6 customer base.
  • New Jumper, a day-to-day companion

The completely redesigned Jumper was released in June 2006. It has been extensively upgraded in terms of volume and payload.
With a choice of four lengths, three wheelbases and three vehicle heights, useful loading volume for the Jumper goes from 8m3 to 17m3, while maximum gross vehicle weight hits the four tonne mark. The new Jumper will be starring on the Marque’s commercial vehicle stand.
  • Vehicles and technologies that respect the environment

The Marque is eager to show its ability to innovate and its commitment to environmental protection. This is why its stand features the C2 and C3 Stop & Start micro hybrids, the C3 CNG, a demonstration C3 equipped with flex-fuel technology, and the C4 Hybrid HDi demonstration vehicle.

The C-Métisse concept car: The marriage of passion and reason
A marriage of passion and reason, C-Métisse is Citroën’s new take on pure automotive pleasure, a singular coupé featuring high levels of onboard comfort.
C-Métisse cleverly combines a hybrid diesel powertrain with optimised aerodynamics and low weight for remarkable performance worthy of a large sports car, while ensuring low fuel consumption and high environmental respect. The fascinating opening mechanism of the doors makes the observer want to step on board.

It also boasts the sophisticated technology of a hybrid engine, which combines:
- a diesel combustion engine: the V6 HDi DPFS mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox developing 153 kW (208 bhp) to drive the front wheels, along with
- two electric motors in the rear wheels, each developing torque of 400 Nm with output of 20 kW (27 bhp).
In the city, C-Métisse can run on ZEV (zero emission vehicle) mode. It boasts combined cycle consumption levels of 6.5l/100 km for CO2 emissions of 174 g/km.
  • C4 WRC takes on a new challenge in 2007

Motor Sport is an integral part of the Marque’s general policy. For a number of years, the Marque has used the World Rally Championship as a showcase for its technological expertise, innovative abilities and technical reliability.

For reminders, Citroën won on all terrains with the Xsara. The Marque won the WRC Manufacturers’ title in 2003, 2004 and 2005, while Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena won the Drivers’ title twice in 2004 and 2005.

Now a new challenge is on. Citroën will be looking to regain its world champion mantle with the C4 WRC and the driving skills of Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena and Dani Sordo/Marc Marti.
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Default Re: Citroën at the Paris Motor Show 2006

Cool! C4 to be used in WRC... hope it does as well as the Xsara!
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