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yup, but the back/tail lights look a bit weird though. Like too small for the car. Perhaps it's just me. hah.
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Saw the same C6 for 2 consecutive evenings in SGH carpark. wonder if the owner works there. Nice and imposing car thought a bit quirky.
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Default C6 versus CX

Hi forumers,

Browsing around I was happy to find a Singapore Citroen friends site so I promptly registered. The Citroen virus caught me since young and hence I ended up with an interesting collection (the home minister sometimes has a different set of descriptions ...)

Anyway, I can positively confirm that the C6 is muuuuch larger overall than the CX even though you wouldn't get that impression looking at the length numbers alone. It is much wider and higher as well.
For evidence see below:

Having said that, rear passenger legroom in the CX Prestige remains unsurpassed, the C6 comes nowhere near.

By the way, does anyone know of a workaround for the NaviDrive-no-maps-problem? The maps loaded in my C6 (2008 model, sold in Malaysia) are Western Europe so switching to Navigation all you see is a grey screen with an arrow and a message saying there are plenty of satellites ...
I was wondering whether the Malaysia-Singapore maps for the Garmin would be recognised by the NaviDrive. After all, the map distributor is the same (NAVTEQ), one would guess that they would try to standardize formats as much as possible.

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hello Arnout,

thank you very much for introducing yourself, and for the photographs :-) truly a line-up to be proud of.


i am not aware of any solution to the GPS issue. i have the same 'problem' with my present car, and the maps DVD they supplied me with were the Australia maps :-P

i do know that CnC Singapore are aware of this 'problem' but so far i have not been informed of a solution. i am also not sure as to how actively they are pursuing a local-kludge (as i do know that CitroŽn France cannot be of much help here).
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hi Arnout....7093 OMG !!!
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Arnout... you are THE Citroen God! wow, what a collection. Only in M'sia... no way we can keep a beautiful line-up like this here in S'pore (at least for most of us ordinary folks...). Thanks for sharing the pics
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Old 03-08-2016, 07:55 PM   #27
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Look, it's a C6, and a near miss!
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Old 04-08-2016, 10:10 AM   #28
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The truck would be paying shit loads of money to have a C6 repaired...

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that sure needs a hefty amount of money for repair
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Saw this black C6 along AYE on Monday morning towards town before Alexandra road exit.
Really big and feeling high just looking at the car.

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